The most innovative gearbox manufacturer and repair facility in the United States.

Uniquely combining comprehensive lines of standard power transmission equipment with custom machining, gear cutting, and gearbox repair services; IDC is your single source supplier for virtually any industrial drive component need.


We Know Industry

Our expansive base of customers includes steel, power generation, cement, pulp & paper, mining, and more. We understand your equipment and your business, and our experienced staff draws on more than three decades of experience to solve your needs.

We Know Gears

We’ve never met a gear challenge we couldn’t tackle. We deliver when other competition can’t. Our state of the art facility is equipped to handle all operations related to producing quality gearing and follows a rigorous quality and inspection procedure.

I truly appreciate the time that you & your staff took to show me around your shop, the process within it, and the efficient job tracking procedures that you utilize to manage it. I was very impressed with the quality of work that is performed there, as it is very evident that you have spared no expense in procuring the equipment needed to achieve this high degree of quality repetitively. I feel comfortable with where we are at in the rebuild process with the gear boxes that we have there, as it is reassuring to know that there are very few steps that you are required to have farmed-out to complete our needs. I am in the process of generating a report together to share what I have learned about your facility, and will be sharing this with the other managers that I communicate almost daily with. Your staff’s demeanor, experience, and the use of new technology will undoubtedly enable your company to grow in this demanding market, and I will advocate for your involvement with our facility’s needs in the future. You have the nicest machine shop that I have been in – you should all be proud.

Thank-you again for your generous hospitality, and I look forward to working more with you in the future

An IDC satisfied customer


What sets The Big Unit apart from other gearbox manufacturers?

IDC doesn't subscribe to the one size/design fits all. All our Big Unit gearboxes begin with you our customer. IDC thoroughly discusses and engineers our gear reducers to the customer and the application- not the other way around.

All components, including the housing and bearings are generously oversized for increased life and ease of service.

IDC employs the most recent and advanced engineering, software, and methodology in the design, manufacture, and assembly of our High Performance Series Gearboxes.

Most importantly, our Big Unit gearboxes utilize the very best in gear design. Through careful design and engineering, the gear sizing and contact ratios are maximized to afford the best in both efficiency and long life. All gearing is manufactured and ground in house to exacting specifications. And lastly, the gearbox wouldn't be a Big Unit if it didn't meet our rigorous quality standards.

Call us for your next gearbox application and see why IDC is the gearbox authority.



Any gear, anytime! IDC’s team of experts can engineer, design & manufacture an extensive variety and scope of gears ranging from 1/4" diameter to well over 10 feet. We’re also a proud member of the A.G.M.A. (American Gear Manufacturers Association)


Our world class manufacturing capabilities rounded with an experienced staff of machinists, engineers, and dedicated sales professionals enable IDC to manufacture a wide ranging variety of drive components; either per print or sample accurately and quickly.


IDC offers repair & rebuild solutions for virtually all types, brands, and sizes of reducers. Our machine shop, complete with CNC & gear hobbing equipment enables in-house repairs.


IDC's years of industrial gearbox repair & having remanufactured virtually every brand and style of gearbox, has benefited us with the knowledge of what works and what our customers want!